"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."

Martin Luther

The Lord’s sweetest earthly gift to me is my wife, Lisa. The life we share together and among our children and their families is a place of deep richness, refreshment and refuge. I am a six-time grandpa. This is good.

My chief and happiest vocation for almost 3 decades has been right here within the walls of our home, and it is a wealth of satisfaction to see those who have grown up as part of this family establish their own homes and rapidly grow the tribe — with cheerful, beautiful little ones!

Our clan is closely-knit and shares a common and interwoven vision. We are together eagerly pursuing (or anticipating) closely-linked industrious and creative initiatives. We all share a passion to sustain a dream and a bigger-than-ourselves mission through creative, active, and care-giving industry. These pursuits already include (or will soon) a thriving photography business, graphic design, craft brewing, furniture and log-cabin building, brain injury nursing, together with my own art and writing and mentoring activities.

This section of our website will soon include fuller photos and descriptions of each of the families and industries in our family network. This page will probably grow to also include introductions of a few very close, family-like friends, who share this same vision and are growing with us to make up a creative and industrious community, that is shaped by the same eager productiveness and grace-filled vision and worldview.

In the meantime, here is a small album of family photos! (smile)