Welcome to Enjoying Grace Story Co.!

Enjoying Grace Story Co. has officially launched!

My style is Realistic Whimsy and my unapologetic mission is to provoke the emotion, memories, and profound nostalgia that live inside of us in connection with the Places (homes, wedding locations, family vacation settings, churches, schools, etc.) that have been the set and stage for the lives we have lived. I draw structures (both simple and complex), with an eye to portray them accurately at the very same time as I seek to inject into each portrait a touch of magic that infuses the picture with a sense of the warmth and wonder with which we *see* our own holy places.

We have formally launched the Enjoying Grace Story Co. website & blog & Instagram page,. Through these platforms you are able to commission us (and encourage others to commission us) to create for you a captivating image of one or more of your favorite places, that we hope will be worthy of being a prized possession or a deeply-moving gift—a personal heirloom. 

If this interests you at all, I am asking you to 1. Explore our Instagram and website, 2. Commission a drawing that you will either keep or give as a gift to someone you love, and 3. Promote this cheerful and creative enterprise on your Facebook or Instagram and urge others to at least look at what we are doing and catch a glimpse of our reason for doing it.

The platform of our Enjoying Grace Story Co. social media and online sites will also provide a context for us to share our hearts and tell the stories that make up our happy and hopeful vision for life. We long to stir up our lives and the lives of others toward a life-view that is full of beauty, truth, community, vocation, story, industry, heritage, laughter, and feasting – unashamed of Christ and his grace and living out the good life one person and one family at a time.

Thanks for visiting us in this adventure!

Don and Lisa & Family