Enjoying Grace Story Co. is an art and music business, a community of like-hearted creatives and small business folks, and the market-place for Don Shorey's drawings, stories, reflections, and conversations.

Photography courtesy of Elizabeth Baxter & Caroline Ruth


Enjoying Grace Story Co. has three primary layers: 

First, it is a (growing) set of creative business endeavors currently offering commissioned art and framed drawings and a "record label" collaborating through vision and creative-consultation in the production of excellent and beautiful music projects (check out our just-released EGSCo. produced Christmas album at Cal Morris Music). These two activities introduce a growing set of plans that include broader audio and visual media production, writing, and publishing—all with an orientation toward story-telling and story-making.  

Second, EGSCo. is a community of like-hearted creatives and business folks, who share a grace-filled, family-oriented passion for beauty and industry. The founding center of this community is the intimately-linked endeavors of our Shorey/Baxter/Bossom family clan and of family-like friendships with folks like Caleb and Kristen Morris of Cal Morris Music. These core family-associated activities of EGSCo. include artwork, music production, wedding photography, graphic design, craft-brewing, and wood craftsmanship. Beyond this, our increasingly-connected network includes movie-makers, writers, artists, musicians, teachers, photographers, and those doing creative industry in a variety of product and service endeavors.

Third, EGSCo. is the market-place for Don Shorey's art, stories, reflections, and conversations. This includes past and future content in the form of teaching audio, writings, podcasting, blogging, and the conversations, interviews, and encouragements that grow out of 30 years of family-life, public ministry, and current relationships and mentoring leadership.

Why Places?

Places — homes, wedding venues, family or childhood vacation settings, churches, schools, grandma & grandpa's house — have all been the set and stage for the lives we have lived. Read more HERE about Our Places, Our Dream Place & Your Places to glimpse our vision for the goodness of nostalgia and the happiness and hopefulness of our holy places.


Realistic Whimsy

My unapologetic mission is to provoke the emotion, memories, and profound nostalgia deeply connected with the Places our lives have been. I draw structures (both simple and complex), with an eye to portray them accurately, while also injecting into each portrait a touch of magic — infusing the picture with the warmth and wonder with which we see our own holy places.

Santa Barbara Bikes

Don's life

Loving life with my Lisa and our happy flourishing clan. Artist. Wordsmith. Storyteller & Speaker. Wanderer, Wonderer & professional Wool-gatherer. I have never met a mere mortal. I am cheerfully sacrificing normal for the better, the relational & the restful. Read more than you could ever possibly want to know about me, my people, and my plans HERE.