Getting Started

Email me at or message me through the inquiry form at the bottom of this page, with any questions you have or to get a commission rolling!

We can discuss all of the factors involved in your project, determine pricing, and estimate delivery time.


Gift Certificates

Christmas (and other event) Gift Certificates available! These allow a portrait to be a gift at any time and makes it possible for the gift receiver to be involved in the process—providing photos and other preferences.

Details of the Gift Commission Certificate packaging and presentation coming on Thanksgiving Day!



Simple House or Structure Portraits — starting at $175

$30 for Matting & Framing

$15 Shipping

More complicated Portraits (public venues, churches, schools, detailed landscaping, etc.)& Larger Sizes — Mutually Discussed Price

Additional Options:

Additional Prints — $65-$95 (depending on size)

Coming Soon — Small, Medium & Large Banner Wall Hangings

We will also produce Wedding Invitations, Thank You Notes, Christmas Cards & other Products with your image!

Inquire for details & give us your ideas as well!


The Ideal Photos for the Best Portrait

It will be my pleasure to draw the best and most compelling portrait that I am able, from ANY available image you have

— even that tattered, faded, black and white, newspaper-clipping from Grandma's hope chest in the attic —

BUT there is no denying that the better the photos, the easier it is to create a beautiful portrait.

If you are gathering existing photos or taking new ones, consider the following:


5 Tips for Gathering or Taking the Most Useful Photos for a Portrait

1. Choose the Angle of the building that is most beautiful or nostalgic to you or the ones who will own the portrait.

2. Take up-close photos, that show the whole building, but also show the details (even of what is hiding behind trees and such).

3. Take photos from the same angle but from farther back to show the whole profile in the context of its surroundings.

4. Take photos from a low perspective, looking up at the building. The upward angle adds a grander, more atmospheric look to any building.

5. Don't hesitate to send lots of photos! Every one may contribute an important perspective or detail.

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